Halifax Solar Center

Geenex Corporation of Germany is developing a 30 Megawatt solar farm located in Halifax County in partnership with Halifax County and ET Corporation. Louis Cherry Architecture has designed the Solar Center for the facility. The Solar Center will provide space for education, exhibits, offices and events all centered on solar technology and sustainability. The Solar Center will open in Spring 2015. The Project kick-off was held in Roanoke Rapids on August 13, 2014.

NC State Prague Institute


Just finished teaching the summer course with the NCSU College of Design in Prague. Amazing city with 11 centuries of architecture and culture. The slideshow galleries below highlight some of the region's rich architecture. 

Ashley Christensen wins James Beard Best Chef in SE

I have had the pleasure to know and work with Ashley for well over a decade. She was the chef at my restaurant Vin for before launching off on her own to start Pooles Diner. Ashley has the rare combination of immense talent and great humanity. Her cooking and hospitality always reflect her love for the people who produce the ingredients, her coworkers and her patrons. I congratulate her and celebrate her fantastic contribution to our region's quality of life.


Paul Goldberger weighs in on Euclid St Controversy

This article just appeared in Vanity Fair. It is unbelievable that our desire to build a modest house in Oakwood has created such a heated controversy on a national stage. I think it goes to the heart of the people's fear of change. Certainly some change can be destructive and should be resisted. This design is sympathetic to the character of Oakwood and illustrates how a contemporary design can be compatible with a historic fabric.



The construction of a new personal home in the historic district of Oakwood has created much controversy in the neighborhood and a legal challenge to the construction of the home. I post this letter written by Myrick Howard to give a context of the situation and some of the issues present in building a contemporary design in an historic district.


_01_Myrick Howard Oakwood Letter PDF-1.jpg
_02_Myrick Howard Oakwood Letter PDF-1.jpg
_03_Myrick Howard Oakwood Letter PDF-1.jpg
_04_Myrick Howard Oakwood Letter PDF-1.jpg