Finally Moved into Euclid St

After an unbelievable journey through court hearings, attorney meetings, television interviews and many months of struggle, Marsha Gordon and I finally occupied 516 Euclid St on December 1st. The house is not complete, lacking most cabinets and trim as well as kitchen appliances. It is, however, quite livable and a huge relief and pleasure to live there.

Oakwood Walk and Follow-up Panel Discussion

Come join us this Saturday, September 13th for the event "This is Happening Here" an informative walk through Historic Oakwood. The guided walk will highlight various houses within the neighborhood and will explore the issues surrounding historic neighborhoods in the twenty-first century. After the walk, a follow-up discussion will take place to discuss historic neighborhood design, featuring Louis Cherry as one of five panelist.

Walk begins at 9:30am at the AIA NC building.
Panel Discussion begins at 11:00am at the AIA NC building. 


Details and additional information below: