Architecture is a functional art, rooted in traditions of building craft, design, and culture. I believe that architecture is a key interface for human experience. Our buildings shape our relationship to the world and should spring from core values.


My practice builds upon a set of beliefs:

  • Design should provide comfort and inspiration through elegant simplicity. 

  • Design solutions should create calm, beautiful places for people to live, congregate, and work. 

  • Every design decision should have a purpose and solve a functional or aesthetic problem.

  • Great design comes from the synthesis of many points of view. Each of the collaborators in the design process can have a meaningful part in generating creative solutions to design challenges. 

  • Natural light is essential to spaces where people spend time. Daylight should be carefully controlled for glare and undesirable heat gain, creating luminous spaces that are functional and beautiful. Electric lighting should complement natural sources to carefully shape the interiors. 

  • Designing buildings carries an environmental responsibility. Buildings should be created to use the minimum of energy and material resources. Every building should minimize its footprint on the environment. 

  • Architecture can create a spirit of place, connecting people to their landscape, to each other, and to their communities. Buildings can be designed to facilitate people being comfortable and productive.